Private Apartments to Rent in Vanløse

This page is dedicated to helping people find short term accommodations in Vanløse, Copenhagen. The purpose of the page is listing the accommodations and sharing info about them with the visitors and tourists. This greatly helps the people who want to visit since it makes the job of renting a short stay much easier, plus saves them a lot of money since these private rentals come at very cheap prices.

Vanløse private room

Private room to let in Vanløse. From €55 per night.

Although one of the smallest districts in Copenhagen, Vanløse has a lot to offer concerning short term rentals. There are a lot of private studios in the area situated near the central area or near shops and restaurant, making your stay more convenient. The private rooms in Vanløse are owned by the local people living in the area who lease their private homes to tourists. But the trick is that these rentals cost almost nothing compared to the hotels and other forms of accommodations. For example, one can find a flat which costs 20 euros a night to rent, and can even fit in two people inside it. There are of course bigger but pricier apartments which cost up to 70 euros a night, but they are very well furnished and have all sorts of amenities to go with them so they are worth the money you pay. Private rooms come with completely new furniture, a TV set, a comfortable bed for resting and even Wi Fi internet. The apartments are perfect for couples or smaller groups of people. But if you want to go touring with your friends and are coming with a larger group, the way to go is renting an entire home. You can find a house to rent for the lowest price of 40 euros, and goes up to a 140 euros a night for the bigger houses. These holiday homes can house up to ten people at once, depending on their size, and have more bedrooms. They are equipped with a kitchen which has the latest appliances, so cooking won’t be a problem, some of them have air conditioning systems and heating as well and you can book one which have washers and dryers, if you happened to be staying longer and need to wash your clothes. But the most luxurious rentals listed here are of course the short stay villas. They are huge and can house several families at once. They are a perfect vacation getaway accommodation and can even come with your own pool in some cases. You will enjoy the quality and the luxury like never before and will certainly not want to leave the place. The most expensive villa in Vanløse costs 220 euros a night, but offers something as your very own music room, three bedrooms, and has a wonderful view from the terrace on the large garden in front of it.

Vanløse apartment

Apartment in Vanløse to rent. From €69 per night.

Learn More About Vanløse

Vanløse is one of the ten official districts in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. It is situated in the western part of the city. It houses a population of about 36,115 and occupies the area of 6.69 km², making it the smallest district in Copenhagen by population. It borders with the Frederiksberg municipality, Bispebjerg and is near Rødovre municipality. If you decide to go out in the area you can have a drink in the Bodega Støvlen bar or have a bite to eat in Cafe Vik. And if you like to see a good movie you can also visit the Vanløse Bio movie theatre. One of the historic places of the area is the Damhussøen. The biggest streets of the area are Jernbane and Vanløse Alene and the Vanløse station is also near which will help you get to the center of Copenhagen in no time.


Vanløse, Copenhagen

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