Short Stay Flats in Valby

Here on this page there are some lovely short stay accommodations in Valby, Copenhagen to rent. They are all listed on this site with a purpose to enable the visiting tourists a place to stay during their visit. So generally speaking, the page gathers info about these short stays and updates them with new ones any time they appear and makes them available to you to rent. Also here you can learn something more about the area which you perhaps did not know.

Valby apartment

Apartment in Valby to rent. From 56 EUR per night.

In Valby you can find serviced apartments so cheap that you will immediately forget about hotels and any other forms of housings. There are apartments for rent that for as cheap as 27 euros a night which are big enough to fit in one traveler and a bit bigger ones which can fit up to four people and charge around 40 euros a night. The most expensive private rooms cost up to 80 euros a night but also come with the latest amenities, like flat screen TVs with cable and a direct internet connection, and new furniture as well. But if it happens that you decide to go on a touring adventure with your friends, we also got you covered. There are beautiful whole houses and holiday homes to rent in the area of Valby. They are quite exquisite and very comfortable and completely capable of housing around ten people at once, of course depending on the rentals you choose. The entire homes for rent have two or three bedrooms, for all visitors to sleep in, big and supplied kitchens, for members of the party to prepare food for everyone, and air conditioning and heating systems, for cooling down or for keeping warm depending on the season. The cost per night of these temporary housings can range from about 50 euros to a 150 euros, depending on the size and location of the rental. The area also offers some luxurious villas in Valby that are near the central area. There are a dozen of them available and are quite capable of housing two or three families at the same time. The price ranges are between 75 and 250 euros a night, but you really get what you’ve paid for. New furniture, modern appliances, a private parking space, your very own internet connection and even a swimming pool as well.

Valby private room

Private room in Valby, Copenhagen available to rent. From 50 EUR per night.

Most Important Facts About Valby

Valby is an official district of Copenhagen, situated in the southwest corner of the city. Valby is interestingly characterized by very different forms of housings in the area, since it has a mixture of a bunch of very different houses and buildings. It is one of the rapidly growing parts of population in Copenhagen. On Valby Langgade, one can find the Old Valby, or what it’s left of the old town which grew into a municipality. The area of Toftegårds Plads is considered to be the modern and central part of Valby where all of the interesting sites and venues are situated. The Spinderiet shopping centre, Valby Cultural Centre and Valby station are all situated here. The Valby Sports Park is one of the main attractions of the area which is a multi-purpose stadium and is mainly used for football matches but also for other events as well. The biggest green space of the area, and for that matter in whole of Copenhagen as well, is the Valby Park and the Vigerslev Park as well. The famous Carlsberg area, which contains two historic gardens, is now open for public and visitors, local and international as well, can come any time and see it.


Valby, Copenhagen

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