Flats to Rent in Teglholmen

Greetings and welcome to the page that provides short stay accommodations in Teglholmen, Copenhagen for travelers who are visiting from all over the world. The page offers you the chance of renting some of the best and at the same time the cheapest rentals in the area. The page contains all the info needed for renting and finding the place and will help you get in contact with the owner. You will also receive all the individual data about the lease itself, which will help you choose better.

Teglholmen apartment

Apartment in Teglholmen to let. From €95 per night.

As a neighborhood near the harbor, Teglholmen offers a lot of short term rentals which are situated near the canal or the water in general. Visitors can easily find apartments which are comfortable, nicely furnished and cost a lot less than the hotels might charge you. Serviced apartments come with basic amenities like a TV with cable, internet connection and very comfortable bedrooms. You can choose to rent holiday home which has a fully functioning and supplied kitchen with all the appliances and have your food prepared by you. These kind of apartments are called self-catering accommodations and they allow food to be brought in. On the other hand, in the place where you cannot bring in your own food you will have to eat our or simply order bed and breakfast services and have someone else prepare your meal in the morning for you. There are amenities in more luxurious rentals like hot tubs, where one can enjoy the warm water and relax his or hers muscles after a tiresome day, and there are even swimming pools available which go with your short stay where you can take a swim any time you like. Air conditioning systems are also very important to make you feel comfortable, and make sure you get a place with heating if you come during the winter period, because Denmark can get really cold in that part of the season. The price ranges between 35 and a 120 euros a night for all of types of accommodations. The cheapest ones are of course the private rooms which house one or up to three people at once. Entire homes are a bit pricier but come with their advantages since they allow a lot more room and have two or three bedrooms for more people. There is even a place with a special offer which comes with bikes rented for you to enjoy and enjoy them riding down the canal, which is a popular activity in this part of the town.

Teglholmen private room

Private room in Teglholmen to rent. From €62 per night.

What You Should Know About Teglholmen

Teglholmen Is situated in the South Harbour of Copenhagen, and is just between Enghave Brygge and Sluseholmen. Formerly being an industrial quarter for many industry businesses, today it is mainly a residential area and a headquarters of numerous multinational companies. It is connected with the Sluseholmen via Teglværkshavnen Bridge which separates the areas. It is developed to be the continuation of the famous canal district which starts in the Sluseholmen area and now continues in Teglholmen. It is also the Danish headquarters of companies such as Philips, Nokia and Ericsson. The best way to get around this area is by using the Route 904, if you are by car, or using the Copenhagen Harbour Buses, which can take you anywhere you like within the city if you are on foot.

Teglholmen, Copenhagen

Teglholmen, Copenhagen

If Teglholmen is your point of travel than this page is your doorway through it , or rather a place where you will stay when you pass that door. The “Search” button, which is situated somewhere on the page, will help you find and rent your very own temporary housing so you can start enjoying it as soon as possible.

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