Short Stay Apartments in Sluseholmen

This page offers you a chance to choose from one of the best short term vacation rentals in Sluseholmen, Copenhagen. The page’s purpose is to help you find a short term rental in the designated area of the city and does so by listing the apartments in the area and making them available to anyone, mainly the tourists, for their renting pleasure. You will also find some useful information about the area and the city here.

Sluseholmen private room

Private room in Sluseholmen available to travellers. From €55 per night.

The main advantage of these short lets is their price. They are owned by local people from the area who lease their own private rentals and charge a lot less than the hotels of other forms of accommodations do. So you can spend your vacation for as half as much money than you would usually do. There are different types of leases which all have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, there is a shared accommodation listed, which you share with other travelers such as yourself, and costs only 30 euros a night. It is actually perfect for students or people who go alone backpacking throughout the continent. There is also a great apartment for only 50 euros a night which is just near the canal where you literally can jump out from your terrace into the canal and take a dip. It is furnished with great and comfortable furniture, is decorated in Nordic style and is near shops and various kinds of transports so everything is close to you. But if you decide to come with your family or a group of friends, we offer various kinds of holiday homes to rent. These whole houses for rent are furnished with multiple bedrooms and have a direct internet connection and cable TV included in the price. You can prepare a meal every day using the appliances in your enormous kitchen or wash your dirty close and dry them since you have washers and dryers available at your disposal. The price varies between 70 euros and night and a 150 euros a night, all depending on the amenities and size of the place. The most luxurious short stay rental in the area costs around 200 euros a night, but will give you a chance of using your own private pool, has a great riverside view and is just near the center of the area.

Sluseholmen apartment

Apartment in Sluseholmen for rent. From €96 per night.

Read More About Sluseholmen

Sluseholmen is an artificial peninsula situated in Copenhagen, more precisely it is in the in the South Harbour of the city. Previously known as an industrial area and a dockland district, Sluseholmen has developed since then into a residential canal district with now known for its maritime atmosphere and its canals. Just next to the canal district one can find the Metropolis, which is a row of modern residential buildings which are cut between by canals and give the area its unique image. Of course the main tourist attraction is the canal area itself where all the shops, markets, cafes and restaurants are situated and local people enjoy taking walks and spending their day there, The visiting tourists should also come and visit this area and see what’s it all about. Here you can also find the very popular Copenhagen Harbour Bath which was built in 2011. The Valby Boat Club is situated on the eastern part of the canal district and adds to its maritime atmosphere with boat rides and other seafaring activities along the canal. There is also a restaurant in the boat club which offers you the chance to try out some of the local cuisine. The Teglværksbroen Bridge is a crucial traffic point because it connects this area with Teglholmen and makes it very easy to travel.


Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

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