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Welcome to the page which will help you find short stay rentals in Østerbro, Copenhagen. The page is made with a purpose of listing and helping tourists find rentals in the area of Østerbro in the city of Copenhagen. The page will give you all the information needed in renting an apartment and will also give you some useful information about the neighborhood.

Østerbro private room

Private room in Østerbro to let. From €38 per night.

In Østerbro one can find very cheap rentals which can save people a lot of money. Short term accommodations in this part of Copenhagen are generally very cheap, at least cheaper than the hotels, and people often decide to rent flats owned by private owners rather than spending a whole vacation budget just for the place to stay. Here you can find temporary rentals for as low as 35 euros a night and priciest ones cost around a 160 euros. The cost varies depending on the type of a rental and depending on the quality and the amenities the leases are furnished with. There are great private rooms which are furnished to house up to three people and are usually used by single travelers or passersby and couples. They are great because they provide you with everything you need for a short stay and can even be useful if you plan not to spend too much time in your rental and be a great place for just overnight stays. That way you can also book bed and breakfast services in Østerbro and have your meal in the morning and buy the rest on the go. Entire houses or holiday homes are recommended for families or larger groups. They are perfect for longer stays since they can house ten or more people at once, depending on the size of the rental. In these entire homes for rent one can find a big kitchen which allows you to prepare food for the entire group, washers and dryers, because if you decide to stay longer you will certainly need somewhere to wash your clothes, and cable TV and an internet connection which will help you be in touch with people back home or just spend your free time. More glamorous and luxurious rentals are equipped with a swimming pool, a hot tub, some even have a garden and are modernly furnished and arranged with completely new furniture and are situated on the best locations. Nevertheless, whichever accommodation type you decide to go with, you will certainly not make a mistake and it will perhaps make it your best vacation yet.

Østerbro apartment

Flat to rent in Østerbro. From 70 EUR per night.

What to See in Østerbro

Østerbro is one of the ten official districts of Copenhagen. It is located north of the city center, near the old city gate of Østerport. It has the reputation of being one of the wealthiest districts in Denmark. The neighboring areas are Hellerup, Øresund and Nørrebro. Things and attractions to see here are Brumleby, Den Engelske Kirke, a church built by Alexandra who became the Queen of England, Den Frie Udstilling , an art exhibition, the museum of Frihedsmuseet, the historic citadel of Kastellet, Zoologisk Museum and Nyboder Mindestuer, which is a mini district form the 17th century. You can also do some shopping at the Langelinie outlet, Casablanca, Paustian and Rambow. Things to do are so numerous that you probably won’t time to do them all, some of the ones you can do are catching a movie at the Park bio cinema, visiting the pool and spa of Østerbro Svømmehal, seeing a show in the theater of Østre Gasværk or visiting and taking a stroll through the park Fælledparken.


Østerbro, Copenhagen

If you are one of those people who love to have fun and visit many places in doing so, then you simply have to have a place to stay as well which will keep you rested and prepared for the whole of your vacation. These short term accommodations will certainly help you achieve that and if you want to see more, click the “Check Availability” button on the page and see what have we in stored for you.

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