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Welcome to the page that lists all available vacation rentals in Nyboder, Copenhagen. The purpose of the page is to acquire information about these rentals and make them available to all the people who may concern or all of the tourists who need places to stay for a few days. Here you will also find some interesting facts about the area of Nyboder in order to help you get to know better the area that you are visiting.

Nyboder apartment

Apartment in Nyboder available to rent. From €71 per night.

Here you can find various types of accommodations in Nyboder that you may need during your trip. Depending on which kind of a traveler you are or with how many people you are traveling, you will definitely be able to find the place for your city break. If you are going alone and maybe traveling from country to country and need a private rental where you will stay for just a few days in Nyboder, we recommend you to book the services of a single serviced apartment. Apartments in this part of Copenhagen usually come with only one bed for sleeping and are also equipped with a TV, possibly with cable, a wireless internet connection, in some cases a heating or an air conditioning system and a small kitchen. It has everything that you need for a short stay and provides a high amount of comfort as well. If you, on the other hand, need more room, there are great entire houses to rent as well. These types of holiday homes in Nyboder are perfect for larger groups like families or groups of friends. The greatest advantage in this case would be the room that the house provides. Every member of your group would have his or hers space and feel free to do whatever he or she wants. The houses also have an internet connection available, but come with a much larger kitchen, where you can prepare food, heating systems, since it tends to get cold really fast in Denmark, a washer and a dryer in the bathroom and even your very own parking space. But the most luxurious short accommodations have to be the short stay villas. There are much bigger than the houses, can house even more people, for example two or three families, have a hot tub and in some cases a whole swimming pool and even your own personal gym where you can work out and keep fit. So the bottom line is that there is a solution for your every need, and it all comes for very low and affordable prices that everyone can manage to afford. You won’t have to tighten your budget when you can go anywhere you like with these short lets.

More Info About Nyboder

Nyboder is a district in Copenhagen, characterized by it famous historic row of houses built by Christian IV originally to house the members of the Royal Navy. The houses are all colored in yellow so because of that there is a term which describes the hue of the color yellow and is called the Nyboder yellow. Institutions in Nyboder include the St. Pal’s Church, or Nyboder’s Church church how everyone is accustomed of calling it, and Nyboder School. Here you can also find statues of famous people like Vice Admiral Edouard Suenson, the commander in the Battle of Heligoland, and Christian IV, the founder of the place.

Nyboder Copenhagen

Nyboder, Copenhagen

So if you are tired of looking for hotels who always overcharge you with extra services. If you are fed up of always watching and balancing your vacation budget. If you are ready to spend your trip in a proper place where you can get rested and have the energy of having fun during that trip. Then see the list of all the available rentals in Nyboder and choose one for you. Click first on the “Search” button on the page and from there you will be able to continue on your own. Enjoy renting and staying on one of these studios.

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