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People who are visiting Denmark can very easily find short term leases in Nørrebro, Copenhagen on this page. The page contains information on all on the rentals in the area and can serve as a great help and can save you a lot of time and money as well. Besides offering you everything you need to know about the accommodations individually, you can also find out something more about the area in which you are renting your flat.

Nørrebro private room

Private room in Nørrebro for rent. From €37 per night.

Generally speaking, Nørrebro is a big area and has a lot of potential rentals lined spread across the city. The owners are friendly people from the area who rent their private housings to tourists and visitors. They also charge a very low price which not only attracts tourists but also can save them money as well. The landlords may also serve as a guide, so to say, because they can also help you finding some landmarks or shops that you need to visit in the area or can recommend you a great place to go out. The lowest costs for a private rooms in Nørrebro are around 30 euros a night and can go up to 165 euros for the most luxurious and the biggest short term stays. The difference in the price of course depends on the amenities the rental has, the room it offer and the luxury it provides. You can also look for private rentals which can house more people. So for example, there are apartments that are good only for one visitor and a little bigger ones which can house up to four. For larger groups than four which want to spend a few days in Nørrebro, we recommend renting a whole house or a holiday home which can house up to ten people at once. It has multiple bedrooms for everyone to sleep in and can be rented for a price between 50 and 150 euros a night. Temporary rentals are equipped with all sorts of amenities, the basic being TVs, comfortable beds with new furniture, an internet connection and a kitchen. The bigger rentals are furnished with bigger kitchens and have heating and air conditioning installed and in some cases offer the services of a private parking space. The most luxurious types of amenities include swimming pools, private gyms and hot tubs and only the higher priced and the most glamorous temporary housings have them.

Nørrebro apartment

Apartment in Nørrebro available to rent. From €152 per night.

Places to See in Nørrebro

Nørrebro is one of the 10 official districts of Copenhagen. It is located northwest of the city center, just near the old Northern Gate. It occupies the area of 3.82 km² and has a population of 71,891 inhabitants. It borders with Indre By, Østerbro, Frederiksberg and Bispebjerg. The area of Nørrebro is known for being the most ethnically diverse parts of Copenhagen and has the reputation of being a multicultural area. The historic Assistens Cemetery is situated here, where the likes of H.C. Andersen, Niels Bohr and Søren Kierkegaard are buried. Because of the multi ethnic diversity, here you can find the Islamic Center Jafferia and Samuel’s Church situated not far from each other. The biggest street that cut through the area is the Tagensvej Street. Some interesting sites the tourists like to visit are the Airplay Street gallery, the Barbie Doll Museum, Grundtvigskirken, Herman Stilling Museum, Politihistorisk museum and Verdens Kultur Centeret. Visit also the Empire Bio, the famous and, as the Danes describe it, the best cinema in the country. You can also visit the Grøndal centered, which is a huge sports center and one of the biggest in Northern Europe. Also the Nørrebro Theater, where you can come and see some of the plays which are held there the majority of which are very comical and attract a lot of the public.


Nørrebro, Copenhagen

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