Short Stay Apartments in Kødbyen

Dear visitors of the page, we are able to offer you some great short term leases in Kødbyen, Copenhagen that might prove to be very useful during your visit. The page will provide you with very useful information about the rentals themselves and how to rent them, because the purpose of the site is to make those information available to the tourists and visitors so they can get a closer picture about the flats they are trying to rent. It is very cheap and very useful.

Kødbyen apartment

Luxury apartment in Kødbyen to rent. From €138 per night.

Short term accommodations are a very cheap form of rentals. They provide maximum comfort and convenience for a lot less money that you might be charged in, let’s say, a hotel. People define these temporary housings as a great way to save money or simply a great way of finding a place to stay if you are tight with your budget. So you can visit all the places you have dreamed of visiting but did not have the means to do it. For example, in the area of Kødbyen, Copenhagen, one can find an entire house to rent for just 70 euros a night, and the house is described to be in a quiet neighborhood near lots of shops and cafes and is equipped with a TV, wireless internet connection a kitchen and even a parking space and can house up to four people. This is just one example, depending on your needs you will be able to choose a serviced apartment that will suite your needs. If you are traveling alone, one can choose to rent a single apartment just for him or herself that will provide just enough comfort for a short stay. There are flats which have heating and air conditioning systems and are furnished with a very comfortable bed that will provide a good night’s rest and keep you refreshed during your stay. There are even options of acquiring bed and breakfast services which will save you time for preparing meals. Generally speaking you can find a place to stay for almost any scenario of your vacation, whether you are visiting for a few days or a longer period or whether if you are coming alone or with a larger groups or whether you want your accommodation to be serviced with all sorts of amenities or just the basic ones. Nevertheless what your needs are you will certainly be able to fulfill them and find the perfect holiday home to spend your vacation in Denmark.

What to See and Do in Kødbyen

Kødbyen is a district of Copenhagen situated near the railway lines of Copenhagen Central Station and near Sønder Boulevard. It is sometimes called the Meat District as well. This district consists of three areas, amusingly differentiated by the dominant color of the buildings in the area, Grey, White and Brown Kødby. The old Meat Industry image of the area is slowly changing and Kødbyen has started becoming very popular for its art galleries, studios and nightlife. This has changed the face of Kødbyen who is now known as one of cultural centers of the city. Popular landmarks of the area include the Øksnehallen exhibition hall, the Copenhagen Hospitality College and popular art galleries such as Galleri Bo Bjarregård, V1 Gallery. Karriere Bar is a popular bar and a restaurant which has many art pieces exhibited in it at the same time. Other popular bars that the visitors might be tempted into visiting are Jolene and Vestauranten, while the most popular nightclub of the area is Kødboderne 18. You can also have some fun and see some live shows in the Warehouse 9, which is a performance space and an art venue as well.

Kødbyen Copenhagen

Kødbyen, Copenhagen

Late rooms are waiting for you on this page and the thing that you must do is search, choose and rent. You can start by clicking the “Check Availability” button on the page and then browsing through the list before eventually making your choice and renting one of the vacation rentals. Have great fun in Kødbyen and enjoy your stay in these short lets.

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