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Welcome to the page which will help you find short term rentals in København NV, Copenhagen. The page provides a service for travelers who are visiting this part and helps them in a way that it provides an easier and a cheaper way of finding a place to stay. Here you will also find some useful information about the sites and landmarks of the area and the place in general.

København NV room

Private room to let in København NV. From €41 per night.

Definitely the best way of vacationing abroad is by using short term accommodations. A very reliable way and an easier way to find a book as well. The owners of these temporary housings in this part of Copenhagen are usually local people who list their houses and flats on this page as available for rent. It is a cheaper way than going into a hotel and offers you the same treatment and the amenities a room in a hotel might. An area like København Nordvest covers a lot of ground and therefore has over a hundred listed rentals. There are cozy rooms that can house up to three people and is near the central area of the district. There are two room apartments with a comfortable bed for just 50 euros a night. All in all these apartments and flats in this area can be found at a price between 40 and 70 euros a night. Entire homes can be found for a price of 50 to 130 euros a night, which is an absolute steal for an entire home just for you and your friends. These houses in København NV may come serviced with heating systems, kitchens and washers and dryers. The advantage of these types of rentals is that they always have two or even three bedrooms that allow more people to have rooms where to sleep. Landlords may also offer bed and breakfast services to go with their accommodations. This is a great option if one does not want to cook in the morning and it allows you to have a meal before you go out and have fun in Denmark. Other places, which are called self-catering accommodations, allow you to bring in your own food and always come with a big and fully stocked kitchen with appliances and pantry where you can prepare food for you and your friends. Nevertheless, we are certain that you will not make a mistake if you decide to choose one of these short leases.

København NV apartment

Apartment in København NV available to rent. From €54 per night.

More Info About København NV

København NV, or Nordvestkvarteret or just Nordvest, is an area situated in the south western part of the Bispebjerg district. The area is near Bispebjerg and the Østerbro og Nørrebro and near Frederiksberg municipality. The major roads which cut through this area include Tagensvej, Hillerødgade and Frederiksborgvej. The area has a lot of green areas in it and is rich in parks and similar places, the most known are Utterslev Mose, Bispebjerg Kirkegård, Emaljehaven Rødkilde park and Nordvestparken. The old parts of the area are being rebuilt and the area is becoming more modern and urban. So it will result in a mixture of the natural green parts and modern and urbanized buildings and houses which will give the Nordvest a more interesting tone. In the area one can also find the Bolsjefabrikken, literally translated into English as the Candy Factory, is a large cultural creativity space where many sorts of different venues have been held.

København NV

København NV

Renting a short stay apartment is easy but the harder part is finding the right one. Start looking for it by clicking the “Check Availability” button situated on the page and view the list of the rentals that are listed here. So a great place to vacation in is just a few clicks away, so make those clicks and start getting ready for your vacation in Denmark.

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