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On this page you will find some fully furnished short stay accommodations in Kastrup, Copenhagen. The page is designed to help travelers find places to stay abroad in a way that it lists rentals in the area of Kastrup and makes them available to the tourists. It can also prove useful in informing people about the area where the flats are situated or the general area of Kastrup if the visitors do not know anything about it.

Kastrup private room

Private room in Kastrup to let. From 31 EUR per night.

Travelers usually immediately know what they are looking for from an apartment. Depending on the needs of the visitor one can easily find and choose the best one for them. The page can offer you various options. Depending on the number of visitors, one can choose apartments for single travelers, a little bit bigger flats perfect for couples or even bigger places like entire houses for rent for larger groups. Private rooms or flats in Kastrup, Copenhagen can be found at the price of 35 euros a night and are equipped with an internet connection, a TV with cable, air conditioning and comfortable beds to sleep in. They are great when it comes to overnight stays or if you are sightseeing and plan not to spend too much time in the room but rather walking around the city. In that case you can order bed and breakfast services and have some food before you start your day. Bigger private apartments cost around 60 euros and may include a kitchen. So if you come with your significant other you can prepare you food which you can buy at the local supermarket or store. These type of rentals may also include washers and dryers for hygiene as well. But for people who come with larger groups, entire homes are recommended. The price ranges for entire houses to rent is between 60 euros and a 150 euros a night. A very low price to pay for maxim comfort. These holiday homes in Kastrup include two or more bedrooms, bigger kitchens which have all the appliances and cutlery, a heating system for when it gets cold and even a hot tub for relaxing. All in all, the serviced apartments found on this page are top of the range and are a far more better choice than going to hotels or finding other forms of accommodations. Hotels cost too much and overcharge for all extra services that are offered. This way you can manage your budget and save money and in the same way enjoy the comfort that these short stays provide.

Kastrup apartment

Kastrup, Copenhagen. Apartment for rent, from €76 per night.

A Few Words About Kastrup…

Kastrup is a suburb part of the Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen. It is located on the island of Amager on its eastern coast. More precisely it is in the Tårnby Municipality. Kastrup is mostly popular for being the home of the Copenhagen Airport, so for visitors of this are it is very comfortable when arriving here because they can only take a taxi from the airport to their place of stay. The local people may actually refer to the airport as Kastrup Lufthavn or Københavns Lufthavn, so don’t get confused. Things to visit when you are in this area have to be the Kastrupgaardsamlingen, a museum which is very interesting for the visitors, the Kastrup Ny Lystbaadehavn, a pier or a boardwalk where one can take walks and enjoy the seaside, and the Blue Planet. Enjoy a meal in the restaurant the Restaurant Kastrup Strandpark.

Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen

Kastrup – Copenhagen Airport

If you are convinced that renting a temporary home is actually a far more better solution than taking alternative forms of rentals, then continue on with your endeavor by clicking the “Check Availability” button located on the page. You can type your own parameters of the search and find the flat that way or browse through the whole list of short leases and seeing what you need that way. Nevertheless, enjoy renting and enjoy the holiday.

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