Private Houses in Islands Brygge

Are you interested in renting some holiday apartments in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen? This page is actually designed to help you achieve just that. Here you will find many short term studios listed in the area and find out how to rent them. The purpose of the page is to help tourists by offering them an easier way, and a more cheaper way, to find and book short leases in Islands Brygge. The page will also give you some information about the general area where the flats are situated.

Islands Brygge room

Islands Brygge, room for rent. From €45 per night.

There are literally hundreds of rentals available in this part of Copenhagen, one more beautiful than the other. All of the listed short term accommodations are furnished very luxuriously and aim to provide the highest level of comfort to their visitors. Flats are equipped with new and comfortable furniture and very comfortable beds where one can rest and sleep. Internet connection, direct or WiFi, is also installed in most of the apartments and goes with the price, so you won’t have to pay extra. Self-catering accommodations in Islands Brygge will allow you to bring in your own food in so they always have a kitchen furnished with all the appliances that are needed for preparing a quick meal. On the other hand, there are serviced apartments which offer bed and breakfast services so you won’t have to cook at all. And the prices are the best thing of all. You can easily find a modern apartment situated in the central part of the area which costs around forty euros a night. In the area of Islands Brygge there are also places to lease near the harbor so you are close to the waterfront. Basically, the prices range, for all types of rentals, somewhat between forty and a hundred and fifty euros a night. Of course the prices vary and depend on the type of the property and the amenities they provide. Private rooms cost between forty and a hundred euros a night and are generally used by couples or travelers who come alone. Entire homes are bigger and provide lots of space for larger groups of travelers and also have two or three bedroom, depending on the rental. You can lease a whole house just for yourself or for your family for a hundred and thirty and enjoy all the commodities it has to provide. Generally speaking, you will not find more cheaper temporary housings elsewhere and you will certainly not find it by going to a hotel. So try something new and go for one of these late rooms situated in Islands Brygge,Copenhagen.

Islands Brygge apartment

Apartment in Islands Brygge to let. From €97 per night.

What You Should Know About Islands Brygge

Islands Brygge is a harbourfront area which is situated near the central part of Copenhagen. A former industrial and dockland area, today is one of the most beautiful and modern parts of Copenhagen. Since 2000 it has gone through a massive redevelopment and is now a mixture of buildings, modern architecture and preserved old parts of the docklands. Held as a really fashionable district, Islands Brygge stretches from Langebro in the north to Bryggebroen in the south. The most popular and the most attractive site of the area is of course the Havneparken. It is actually a park situated in the harbor, which is actually its direct translation into English, it is the main recreation center of the area where many of the locals like to spend their days and have furn. Besides the locals, many foreign visitors are coming here and are adding to its growing popularity. There are many events, restaurants and attractions here that will certainly interest you. There is even an old ship’s hull which is turned upside down to make a pavilion. In the harbor one can also find the Copenhagen Harbour Baths, with the Islands Brygge Harbour Bath being the most popular one. The Brygge Cultural House is also situated in the harbor.

Islands Brygge Copenhagen

Islands Brygge, Copenhagen

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