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Here you can find comfortable and cheap short term vacation rentals in Indre By, Copenhagen. The page will provide you with everything needed for renting one of the places listed on it. The purpose of the page is to gather info and make the rentals in the area available to the public and foremost the tourists who are visiting the area. You will also find some useful data about the area of Indre By in Copenhagen.

Indre By apartment

Apartment to let in Indre By. From 75 EUR per night.

A great place like Indre By offers a lot of opportunities when looking for an apartment to stay in. There are hundreds of short term accommodations listed in the area and are divided in different types of rentals. Prices are between 35 and 195 euros, depending on the type of accommodations you choose and the location where the flat or house is situated. For example, there is a private room listed for rent, which is in walking distance to almost every needed known point of the area and costs 40 euros a night. It is a real bargain and great way to save money on renting. Private single rooms are the most popular types of a lease and are usually used by people who come alone or come in pairs. There is the option of renting a whole house which can be used for a longer stay and for more people. The usual guests are parties of more than five people, families or larger groups of friends. They in most cases include more bedrooms for more people to sleep in and a big and fully furnished kitchen with all the appliances for making meal for all those people who happened to be staying there at the time. They also include a wonderful bathroom and heating and air conditioning systems. The majority of the short stays are furnished with an internet connection, which is one of the amenities that are mostly needed by the customers, flat screen TVs with cable, used for passing your spare time, washers and dryers for cleaning out your clothes and even, in some cases, a swimming pool which goes with more bigger and luxurious rentals. Services which are provided by the landlords or simply go with the rental may be parking services, if you happened to be traveling by car or simply have a leased one, doorman services, if your flat is in a building, and bed and breakfast services, which really come in handy if you are not staying all day in your serviced apartment and plan just to sleep in it. That way you get a meal in the morning and are energized for the whole day of sightseeing.

Indre By room

Private room in Indre By. Available from 85 EUR per night.

Learn More About Indre By

The area of Indre By is known by many names, Copenhagen Center or the Downtown Copenhagen or simply K. It is one of the 15 administrative centers of Copenhagen and covers an area of 4.65 km². This district is the heart of present day Copenhagen and represents the history of Denmark throughout the years. The borders of the city were established long time ago since they were enclosed by fortifications. That same border still exists but the fortifications and ramparts are of course gone. The remains of some of these historical sites can be found in parks surrounding the area like Ørsted Park, Tivoli Gardens, the Botanical Gardens and Østre Anlæg park. The numerous attractions of the area include Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, Frederiksstaden, Gefion Fountain, Kastellet, Rosenborg Castle, cultural institutions like the Royal Danish Theatre and museums like the National Museum of Denmark and National Art Museum, which have exhibits depicting the history of Denmark and Copenhagen.

Indre By

Indre By, Copenhagen

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