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Welcome to the place where one might find great short stay apartments in Holmen, Copenhagen. The page is designed to help people find rentals in the part of Copenhagen by the name of Holmen. Here you will find all the needed information concerning renting the place and the general information about the place, You will also learn some new facts about the area.

Holmen apartment

Apartment to rent in Holmen. Available from €60 per night.

So you have chosen Denmark as your vacation target and are in dire need for a place to stay during your visit. Of course the city like Copenhagen offers a lot of hotels where one can stay, but for a considerable cost as well. Here you have the opportunity to rent a place that is, as well as being very comfortable, a great money saver. Short stay accommodations are one of the cheapest types of rentals found in the world and they are easy to find and rent also. A lot of these temporary housings are owned by the local people from the area of Holmen. They offer their rentals for the lowest prices on the market and provide a great service to the tourist. Private rentals can be found in all sorts of convenient locations around the area, depending where you need it. They are also stocked with various amenities which provide comfort and convenience to the visitor. Washers, dryers, air conditioning systems, flat screen TVs with cable are just some of the amenities that these holiday homes are furnished with. More bigger and luxurious apartment rentals will come with a stocked kitchen, private parking space, internet connection and even a swimming pool. The landlords may choose to include bed and breakfast to go with the price of renting a flat or you may have to pay extra to acquire them. It is actually perfect for people who do not plan to spend too much time in their late room, so they can grab a quick breakfast and continue with their tour. Also, self-catering accommodations are available and they usually go with a big kitchen. These types of rentals allow you to bring in food from the outside and the kitchen serves for preparing the meal. Various types of leases are available, for single travelers and for larger groups as well, and also luxurious and glamorous lets and cozy and secluded ones.

More Details About Holmen…

Holmen is a water-bound neighborhood of the city of Copenhagen. It occupies the former grounds of the Royal Naval Base and Dockyards. It is actually a congregation of a few smaller islands. When the navy closed down its activities the area has been redeveloped and became what it is today. It became one of the largest creative clusters in the country. It includes various attractions and landmarks as well. There are several historic buildings situate here, like the Central Guardhouse, the Masting Sheer and a small fortification called Batteriet Sixtus. Educational institutions situated here are the Rhythmic Music Conservatory, the Architecture School, the Danish Film School, the Design School and the Theatre & Contemporary Dance School. An interesting place to visit are the Museum Ships. These are actually three decommissioned ships anchored in the harbor. Their manes are the FDMS Peder Skram, the HDMS Sælen and the HDMS Sehested. The Georg Stage is also situated in the area of Holmen. It is actually a fully rigged, three-masted sailing ship which is used as a training-platform for Danish sailors.

Holmen, Copenhagen

Holmen, Copenhagen

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