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A variety of different vacation rentals in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen can be found on this page. The page is designed to gather specific information about these rentals and make them available to the people who need places to stay in Frederiksberg for a few days. You will also find some interesting data and facts that you need to know about the area as well and be thoroughly informed about the process of renting and getting in contact with the landlord of the rental.

Frederiksberg room

Private room in Frederiksberg for rent. From €54 per night.

In Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, one can find different kinds of short term rentals for very affordable prices. The prices depend on the type and the luxury of the apartments. Generally speaking, if you want a better flat you will have to pay a little bit more. But a little bit more is, compared to the prices in a hotel, nothing. Types of leases include very exquisitely arranged and furnished private rooms, which can sometimes be shared with the landlord who lives in the same house. The flats are usually equipped with air conditioning systems and have cable TV included with the lease. Also a great factor is the internet connection which can be direct or Wi Fi and is usually asked for by our customers. The prices of these private rooms or flats range from 30 euros to 70 euros a night. But if you need more space or you prefer houses opposed to flats, there is the option of renting a whole house. Houses have the advantage of having kitchens and bathrooms with washers and dryers. People who are more used to houses usually choose this option and it is also perfect for people who come in groups because there is more space and more bedrooms as well. The cheapest house for rent in Frederiksberg can be found for 60 euros a night, while the most luxurious and the most expensive ones cost around 140 euros, which is still a small price to pay for maximum comfort. But the most expensive accommodations listed in Frederiksberg are four luxurious villas with the price range between 160 and 340 euros. They are very well furnished and come with their very own private parking spot, a beautiful garden and a swimming pool as well. These luxurious accommodations are perfect for families who are visiting or other larger groups of people who are looking for a good time and a great party.

Frederiksberg apartment

Apartment for rent in Frederiksberg. From €93 per night.

What to See in Frederiksberg…

Frederiksberg is a borough within the city of Copenhagen, it is situated in the country’s Region Hovedstaden and has 100,814 inhabitants. Being completely surrounded by boroughs within the city of Copenhagen is not actually enlisted as a former municipality of the city. Nevertheless, it is one of the oldest parts of Copenhagen and also has many attractions for the visitors. People can reach this part using the Copenhagen Metro systems which runs through here. It is also the home of the tallest building in Scandinavia with its 102 meters of height, called the Domus Vista. Attractions of the area include the Frederiksberg Town Hall, the Frederiksberg Palace, Frederiksberg Park and the Copenhagen Zoo. Educational institutions within the area include the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Life Sciences and the Copenhagen Business School. The local hospital is the Frederiksberg Hospital. The main attraction for people who like shopping have to be the three most popular streets, Godthåbsvej, Falkoner Alle and Gammel Kongevej. And the most popular shopping center of the area has to be the Frederiksberg Centret.

Frederiksberg Copenhagen

Frederiksberg, Copenhagen

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