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This page will guide through the process of finding a short stay apartment in Dragør, Copenhagen. The purpose of the page is to keep a record of all short term rentals in the area and make them available to our customers, or travelers. The page also has information about the designated area where the rental is situated so you will be also thoroughly informed about landmarks and the sites and everything else you need to know about the scenery.

Dragor private room

Private room for rent in Dragor. From 68 EUR per night.

Short stays represent a somewhat new and a very cheap way of vacationing. Of course, every good vacation needs a comfortable accommodation, and this page can provide you with such. People tend to immediately go to a hotel for a place to stay, but that can cost them an arm and a leg in most cases. This is why the majority of the tourists today who are on a limited vacation budget choose to stay in a private flat rather than in a hotel. The comfort is literally the same. Short term accommodations in come equipped with everything needed for a comfortable stay. Most of the apartments in Dragør have a TV with cable and an internet connection. They are furnished with completely new and comfortable furniture and the bedrooms have very comfortable beds which are perfect for resting. Short stays can also be equipped with a fully functioning kitchen, which is the case with self catering accommodations that allow food from the outside to be brought in. On the other hand, there are bed and breakfast services available in the rooms without a kitchen, so you won’t have to cook since the meal is already arranged for you. The bigger and more luxurious types of rentals in Dragør, like whole houses to rent and glamorous villas, come with different kinds of amenities. Some of them even have a hot tub and a swimming pool for your pleasure. Others can have, besides a heating system, also a fireplace that can be used as a background for a romantic atmosphere and for keeping oneself warm as well. All in all, everything of this can be found in the area of Dragør, Copenhagen and can be yours for a very low price which ranges from 75 to 140 euros a night.

Dragor villa

Villa in Dragor for rent. From 138 EUR per night.

Most Important Facts about Dragør

Dragør is situated in the southeast part of the island of Amager. It is approximately 12 km of the center of Copenhagen. It actually covers the area of around 18.14 km². It was founded in the 12th century, and even today has some buildings left from the old period. These historical buildings are actually a trademark of the area and this part is famous because of them. The streets are made out of cobblestone and the houses are painted yellow with red roof tops. It is really a marvelous site and one that many people come to see. And what it makes it even more fascinating is that some of the houses are even hundreds of years old. Visitors of the area may also find it interesting to see the Amager Museum, an open air museum depicting the life in rural Amager, the Dragør Museum, situated in Dragør harbor and is dedicated to seafaring, the Kastrupgaard Collection, an art museum, Mølsted Museum, where as some say one can see the heart of old Dragør.

Dragør, Copenhagen

Dragør, Copenhagen

If you are attracted by the low price. If you are satisfied by the comfort the listed temporary housings offer. If you like the amenities and the serviced that go with your laterooms. Then make the next step and start looking for a holiday home which will be your place of stay during your visit to Dragør, Copenhagen. Simply click on the “Search” button found on this page and you will unlock the list of all the accommodations listed in the mentioned area.

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