Copenhagen – Locals’ Recommendations


We are presenting you a collection of recommendations given out by locals, citizens of Copenhagen, so if you want to feel like a true inhabitant of this city you would do well to pay attention to this article.

Streets of Copenhagen

Streets of Copenhagen


There are two cafés which were highlighted by Copenhagen “insiders”, Granola and Verdens Mindste Kaffebar. Verdens Mindste Kaffebar is located in Tullinsgade, Vesterbro. Its name means “The smallest café in the world” and since it has very little space this depiction is quite accurate, though it boasts almost perfect coffee and creative and comfortable interior. The other café is Granola which can be found in Værnedamsvej, Vesterbro and it is a great place to take a respite after a tough day of shopping in the Værnedamsvej Street. Here, you can order coffee to go or spend some time drinking a cup of perfect coffee in this café arranged in the spirit of 1950-ies.

Pubs and Bars

Three pubs have made it into the top selection and those are Kulby, Underwood Ink and Salon 39. Kulby, which is located in Oehlenschlægersgade 53 a, Vesterbro is a small place which is full from midnight to 3 am, and offers good indie music and cheap beer. Underwood Ink, in Ryesgade, Nørrebro got its name after typewriters because it is considered to be a great place for writers and poets, with an interior filled with books. Salon 39 is situated in Vodroffsvej, Frederiksberg and sports gourmet food and very professional bartenders, well-versed in preparing a wide range of the most creative cocktails.


Two restaurants favored by the locals are L’Education nationale and AAMANNS. L’Education nationale in Larsbjørnsstræde, København K, represents a restaurant with flavour typical for restaurants found in Paris, right in the neighbourhood of Pisserenden, with French waiters, evergreen specialties of French cuisine and a fitting atmosphere. AAMANNS which is located in Øster Farimagsgade, Østerbro is, on the other hand, known for preparing traditional danish meals and gourmet food.


For dinner you should consider restaurants Bibendum, Pate Pate and Pastis. Bibendum which is situated in København K in a colourful neighbourhood around Nansensgade Street is a bar and restaurant which makes its guests feel like at home, it’s adorned with old furniture and offers excellent food and wine. Pate Pate is found in Slagterboderne, Vesterbro and it’s a new and quite popular restaurant with relatively low prices and generous portions, excellent for a Friday night “warm up” before visiting a pub. Pastis is located in Gothersgade, København K and offers French cuisine, subtle food and unpretentious atmosphere.

Danish pride:

Local design

In case you want to see examples of the world-famous Danish design you would do well to visit the furniture warehouse Illums Bolighus, which holds products of Danish classics, Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen.


You will see bicycles all around Copenhagen as they represent a favourite means of transportation for inhabitants of this city. You can rent one for yourself or, if there are any available, borrow one of the public bicycles and go on a sightseeing tour of Copenhagen.


There are two exquisite locations for a nice field trip. One of them is the Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunst (Louisiana Museum of Modern Art) located in Humlebæk in the northern part of the Sjælland island on which Copenhagen is situated too. The expositions are varied and are being changed in intervals of three months. This trip will take around thirty minutes by train from Copenhagen. The other location for an excursion is the city of Malmø in Sweden, which is just a short train ride away from Copenhagen, across the Øresund strait. This city offers great restaurants and shopping opportunities and the prices are generally lower than in Denmark.

Hidden place

Thiemers Magasin, located in Tullinsgade, Vesterbro is regarded by citizens of Copenhagen as a perfect combination for spending free time as it is a café and a library at the same time, allowing you to read various international magazines and books while drinking coffee. Ideal pastime when you get tired of sightseeing many sights and locations this city holds.

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