Copenhagen apartment near BOPA Square and the beach


For those who are looking to spend some time in Copenhagen, this apartment can easily fit renter’s needs. This 75 square meter apartment has plenty of space for a single person or couple, but can host up to four people comfortably. The apartment is one bedroom, one bath but there is a sofa bed in the living room that can fit two. In addition there is a dining room and full kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, stove, and refrigerator, as well as any cookware needed. So eat in meals are easy to prepare for the culinary types. The apartment is available for a minimum of two nights, with the extent of the stay open to discussion upon leasing. Modern amenities such as TV, DVD, and high-speed internet are included with the apartment. The apartment has public parking along the street. All rooms are fully furnished, and all necessary bedding is provided upon rental confirmation. The white wall apartment is very well decorated with many pieces of art that create a bright and friendly environment.


The apartment is located in close proximity to the beach, so a trip to Copenhagen can include a small beach vacation as well. Svanemøllen beach is 1500m away from the apartment. Within walking distance is BOPA square. Only 500m away, BOPA square is a trendy, hip destination full of great restaurants and cafes. To stock the apartment with food, renters can also walk or drive to close by grocery stores. For those wanting to explore further, there is a train station nearby with frequent departures. From the nearby Nordhavn st train station, the train goes to Copenhagen City Center and has connections to Copenhagen airport. The apartment is also close to several bus stations which run during most hours of the day. This includes the early morning hours, so no matter what it’s easy to return to the apartment. In Copenhagen City the 11A bus drives within the inner city and makes stops at huge attractions within Copenhagen city. This is a great way to see what Copenhagen has to offer.

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