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Copenhagen listed for rent. The page is designed to help every traveler find a place to stay particularly in the mention part of the city of Copenhagen. Here you will find everything needed on renting the place and the data about the late rooms themselves. You will also be informed about certain general information about the area.

Christianshavn private room

Christianshavn, private room available to rent. From 55 EUR per night.

Price ranges for the area of Christianshavn range from 45 euros a night up to approximately 150 euros a night, which is when you think about it a real bargain. You will not get those kind of prices when checking into a hotel. Of course, the prices vary depending on the type of the accommodation, the location of the flat or the types of amenities and the luxury that the rental provides. But the thing that is certain is that you will save a lot of money either way. Types of rentals in the area include private and single rooms which are furnished with a comfortable bed, flat screen TV with cable and optional internet connection, and you can even order bed and breakfast services. The cheapest ones come at 40 euros while the most luxurious and the ones situated in the central area come at 100 euros a night. People often like to travel in larger groups so they need bigger places to stay, that is why there are hundreds of whole houses to rent in Christianshavn. They come with a furnished kitchen, heating or air conditioning systems and a WiFi or a direct internet connection as well. They are also equipped with two or three bedrooms for more people to sleep in. Since the area is an artificial island, there is a special offer of renting a boat that will serve as your own temporary housing. The boats are anchored in a peer and provide you with everything that a house or a private room would, with the difference that you are floating on water the whole time. There are two boats available, one for 75 euros and the other for 135 euros a night. So if you are feeling adventurous and want to try out different things, this would really serve as a good option for you.

Christianshavn apartment

Apartment for rent in Christianshavn. From 166 EUR per night.

Important Facts About Christianshavn

Christianshavn is an artificial island and a neighborhood of Copenhagen. It was founded by Christian IV in the 17th century after whom it got its name. Firstly held as a working class area, over the years it has evolved in a bohemian and very fashionable district. The area of Christianshavn consists of three minor islands which cover the area of 3.43 km² and house around 10,140 people. The main thoroughfare of the area which runs right across it is Torvegade, and in the very center of the area is the square Christianshavns Torv. The Lower City Side, also known as Christiansbro, is the more modern and affluent side and thus more popular among the visitors of the area. In the Upper City Side one can find institutions such as the North Atlantic House, the Danish Architecture Centre and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Christianshavn is also the homes of such cultural institutions as the Danish Film School and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Other attractions and landmarks include the Church of Our Saviour, the Christian’s Church, Christianshavn Rampart, Lille Mølle, the Copenhagen Opera House, Nyholm and the Arsenal Island.


Christianshavn, Copenhagen

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