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If you are interested in staying in some of  short term rentals in Christiania, Copenhagen, then you came to the right place. This page will not only help you find a great temporary rental but will also inform you about the way to do it and thoroughly inform you about all the amenities the rentals has. The purpose of the page is to list all the serviced apartments in the area and make them available to the tourist for rent.

Christiania room

Here you can rent a private room in Christiania. From 76 EUR per night.

Short term rentals are perhaps the best way of spending your holiday abroad there is. Besides being very cheap and affordable they are also very modernly furnished and represent a far more better option that checking a room into a hotel. You can easily find different accommodation types and order different services that you might in a hotel. Yes, the hotels are glamorous and luxurious and everyone would think that they cannot be compared with any other rentals. But the truth is that not all of the hotels are that glamorous and they all cost too much. In Christiania, Copenhagen you can easily find a whole house to rent for just 70 euros, for example, which is a much better option than a hotel. Also there are different services that can be ordered as well, like parking services for you vehicle if you happened to come with one, bed and breakfast services, which is one of the popular requests and even wake up calls if you happen to be leasing out from a landlord that lives in the same house and who would be happy to provide you with an early wake up call. All of the holiday homes have new and beautiful furniture and many of them have fully stocked kitchens and washers and dryers. A flat screen TV is also available for your entertainment with cable. Also an internet connection is one of the more popular requests and most of our landlords are happy to provide you with a direct connection or a Wi Fi connection. Types of rentals include private single-bed rooms perfect for lone travelers, whole houses or homes which have serviced kitchens and multiple bedrooms and even glamorous villas which grant you a swimming pool at your disposal. All in all, there is perhaps no better and no cheaper way in finding a rental than this and we suggest you try it.

Learn More About Christiania…

Christiania is actually a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of Copenhagen, and is regarded as a large commune. The area consists of old military barracks of Bådsmandsstræde mostly. Actually, some of the old military buildings are protected by the Heritage Agency and serve as attractions, they include the Den grå hal, the Mælkebøtten, the Den grønne hal and the The Commander’s house. Interestingly, yoga and meditation is very popular among the locals so people who visit can also try it during their vacation. Christiania itself is alone a tourist attraction, because of its liberal beliefs tourists from all over the world come to visit it. It is, as they say, a safe haven for everybody who does not have anywhere else to go. Interesting places to visit in Christiania include Christiania Jazz Club, Christiania Merchandise, a souvenir shop, Grønsagen, an organic fruit and vegetable market, Morgenstedet, a vegetarian restaurant, Nemoland, a café and a music venue at the same time, and the local pub simply called Woodstock.

Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania, Copenhagen

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