Short Stay Apartments in Brønshøj

Welcome to the page which will help you find great short term vacation rentals in Brønshøj, Copenhagen. The page is designed to gather information about the accommodations listed for rent in the area of Brønshøj, thus helping travelers and visitors in finding places to stay. You will also find some important and general information about the area itself as well.

Bronshoj apartment

Bronshoj, apartment for rent. From 35 EUR per night.

The area of Brønshøj offers many different options when talking about rentals. There are many types of accommodations targeted for different kinds of people, so depending on your character and your needs you will be able to pick one. The temporary housings found on the page are usually the property of private local owners. In some cases the owners of a rental are leasing a room or a house where they themselves live in, so you will have to share your short lease with your owner. But the advantage of that is that the owners are very friendly people who will gladly help you get by in a new city and explain to you the local customs and help you with the directions around the city. So for example, there are very cheap private rooms which are perfect for a stay of just a few days and are furnished with great furniture and a flat screen TV. The majority of the serviced apartments have an internet connection included with them or have a free Wi Fi internet that you may use anytime you like. When it comes to larger groups of visitors, such as families of larger groups of friends, the most popular choice is leasing a whole house. You may think that this would cost you a fortune, but the reality is that the price range is between 30 and a 110 euros a night. You will save a lot of money and still be able to find a great place to stay for you and your friends. These holiday homes also come with their advantages, like more room, more bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and air conditioning systems. But the most exclusive and the most luxurious way to spend your vacation would be by leasing a short stay villa. The most affordable one can be found at a price of 60 euros while the most expensive and at the same time the best one is 160 euros a night. Villas are also great for larger parties of people but can be also used for couples as well for a romantic vacation. They include heating systems, your own private gym, a hot tub for relaxing and even a great swimming pool that you may enjoy.

Bronshoj room

House with a garden and 2 bedrooms in Bronshoj. From €69 per night.

What to See and Do in Brønshøj

Brønshøj is a municipality in Copenhagen, situated approximately 4km off the city center. A characteristic feature of this area are various parks, lakes and ponds. Once just a small village, over the years it rapidly grew and became one of the more modern and the most beautiful part of the city of Copenhagen. The main street of the area is Frederiksundsvej where one can find various shops, restaurants, markets and cafes. The visitors are actually mostly attracted by this part of the area. The most popular landscape of the area is the Brønshøj Museum, which has an exhibit on the Northern Wars period. Since the area was a military fortress at that time, all of the remaining artifacts from that time are kept here. Also the Brønshøjparken park is another place of interest where people can go and take a walk or just enjoy the landscape and the nature. There is train network in the area, so the best way to get to the center of Copenhagen would be by taking the bus, or by car, or even the way which is growing in popularity by bicycle.

Bronshoj, Copenhagen

Bronshoj, Copenhagen

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