Flats to Let in Amagerbro

If you want to vacation in Denmark, than this page can help you find some cheap short stay rentals in Amagerbro, Copenhagen. The page specializes in posting leases in the designated area of the city of Copenhagen and acquiring data about the rentals in order to bring a closer view to the people who are trying to rent them. Besides the needed data on the short stays you can also find out something more about the place and the area that you will be staying in also on this page.

Amagerbro flat

This flat in Amagerbro is available to rent. From 66 EUR per night.

There are numerous short term accommodations found in the area of Amagerbro. They are all greatly furnished and situated on various different and convenient locations. The majority are equipped with an internet connection and have flat screen TVs for your entertainment. Since it gets a little bit cold in the city of Copenhagen, we advise you to look for a short stay which has heating, and there are multiple ones on the page that are listed as such. Kitchens and washers and dryers are also something some of the accommodations have. There are also some self-catering accommodations available which offer you the chance to bring your own food with you or buy it in the city and bring it in and prepare it in your room. This is a great choice for the people who do not enjoy trying out different cuisines. But if you are tired of preparing meals even on your vacation, there are some rooms which come with bed and breakfast services included or somewhere you need to pay a little extra to acquire them. Either way you won’t have trouble with food in the morning. If you are a single traveler who is just passing by or going on a one day tour of the city, there is a well furnished apartment with an internet connection for just 25 euros a night. But travelers that come in larger groups can acquire a whole house for rent as well. The price range goes from 65 euros to 135 euros a night. The whole houses will provide you with the luxury and space needed to rest and be prepared for the next day of sightseeing and touring. But for a bit higher price of 160 euros a night, one might even lease a villa situated in the center of the area which has a personal gym and a swimming pool inside it. The choices are various and the decision rests in only in your hands.

Amagerbro apartment

Apartment to rent in Amagerbro. From 75 EUR per night.

A Few More Words About Amagerbro…

Amagerbro is an area which is situated on the northern part of the island of Amager. It has approximately 20,000 inhabitants currently living there. Many of the locals hold this district as mainly being a working class area. Two of the city’s main metro stations pass through this area, the Lergravsparken station and the Amagerbro station, which help the locals, and the visitors as well, to better get around the city and easily reach the center of Copenhagen. Visitors of the area might find it interesting to know the names of the best restaurants in the area, so for a nice Italian meal visit the “Massimo” or for a bite of some of the local cuisine there is the “Madmanifesten”. But if you are just interested to grab a cup of coffee and get on with your touring, there is the “Kaffebar” situated right in the heart of Amagerbro.


Amagerbro, Copenhagen

The mission of this page is to help you find a perfect holiday house accommodation personally for you. So we succeed if you are happy with your rentals. In order to continue click the “Search” button on the page and start looking for that apartment. We hope that the temporary housing would be at your liking and that you will have a great vacation in Denmark and have fun in Amagerbro, Copenhagen.

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