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Dear visitors, the purpose of this page is to help you find short term rentals in Amager, Copenhagen and help you get to know the part that you are visiting a little better. Primarily you will find information about the accommodations themselves, how to rent them and the neighbourhood they are in, and secondly, information about the area and the place that you are visiting and where you happen to be looking for a rental.

Amager private room

Private room in Amager, CPH for rent. From 55 EUR per night.

The temporary accommodations situated in Amager, Copenhagen are numerous and provide our clients with the highest level of luxury and comfort. There are different types of short leases which provide certain amenities for any kind of people. The prices are also very affordable and range from 30 euros up to 160 euros approximately. Private rooms, owned by some of the local residents, are the most numerous kind of temporary housing available and the most cheapest as well. The least expensive accommodation are approximately around 30 euros and the most expensive ones are around 60 euros. But bear in mind that a little extra money can get you a little bit more comfort and provide you with extra amenities, like cable TV and an internet connection, and some services, like bed and breakfast. A little more expense goes a lot so one can even find whole homes to rent in Amager. The prices are really convenient since they range from 45 to 140 euros for an entire home that you get to your exposal free to use as you will. These entire temporary housings in Amager provide the visitors with numerous bedrooms and more space for larger groups and comfort that the whole family might enjoy. The most luxurious temporary accommodations that can be found in Amager in Copenhagen are some luxurious villas that can be rented at the low price of 90 euros. The most luxurious one is a tad bit pricey and can be yours 230 euros. But if you want to have the greatest vacation in Denmark that you ever dreamed of you will spare no expense and get this one. All of the private accommodations in the area are greatly furnished and we promise you that you will simply love staying in them.

Amager apartment

Apartment in Amager for Rent. From 66 EUR per night.

For a thorough search of the available vacation rentals in Amager, Copenhagen click the “Search” button on the page and try and find the place that will most likely suit your basic needs for your holiday vacation in Denmark.

What to See in Amager

Amager is one of the Danish islands on which part of its capital, Copenhagen is situated. The island is characterized by being mostly covered in green patches so the citizens of Copenhagen can easily find a place to go on a picnic. The sea side is covered with numerous beaches that are very popular. The Strandpark area is the most visited place of the area, the lagoon of which provides visitors to participate in many water sports like kayaking and windsurfing. The Amager Bio is perhaps the most visited landmark of the area. At the same time it is a concert hall, a modern cinema and a cultural venue for various events. During the last 40 and some years this concert hall has attracted many well-known names around the world to perform here and hold their concerts. This is also the home of Amager Nature Center, one of the community’s institutions and the main and also the biggest street that passes through the area is Englandsvej. The Øresund Bridge is important because it connects Denmark directly with Sweden, and the Copenhagen Metro will help you get to central Copenhagen more easily. The Copenhagen Airport is in the eastern part of Amager, the place where you will most likely arrive to the country.

Amager, Copenhagen

Amager, Copenhagen

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