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Interested tourists who are looking for a cheap place to stay for a vacation can easily find a short term accommodation in Amager Vest, Copenhagen on this page. The page specializes and is designed to help people find places to stay in the designated part of the city of Copenhagen. Here you will find information about the landlords of the apartments, the price range and anything else you might need to know when looking for private rooms.

Amager Vest apartment

Apartment to rent in Amager Vest. Available from 88 EUR per night.

Firstly, we assure you that renting a serviced apartment is a far more better way than looking for a hotel. It is a more cheaper and an easier way to go. The advantages of a short stay apartment are numerous while the disadvantages compared to a hotel room are almost none. The budget factor is in most cases the deciding one. And in this case it will most likely tip in the favor of the short term rentals that you might find in the area of Amager Vest in Copenhagen. The majority temporary housings are privately owned by the locals, who might prove to be useful if one is looking for some directions so feel free to ask your landlords anything that might concern you about the city. The prices come from the lowest of 45 euros a night to the highest which is 120 euros a night for a holiday house accommodation in Amager Vest. Which is in my opinion a steel. The types of apartments vary from single apartments or two bedroom apartments, which are useful for single travelers or smaller groups but are recommended for maximum two people. There are mostly popular among couples. There is an option of renting a whole house. The advantage of renting this kind of a short lease would be that the house is completely furnished with a kitchen, washers and dryers and multiple bedrooms. It is mainly the first choice for families or other larger groups of people who happened to be on the road together. The most luxurious types of rentals are of course the luxurious short term villas. There are around seventy of them in the area and besides offering a lot of space and numerous bedrooms they also offer a lot of comfort for the visitors. They are usually equipped with a swimming pool, a hot tub, your personal gym and a high speed wireless internet connection. Since the area of Amager Vest is close to the cost, there are also some boats available for renting as well.

Amager Vest room

Private room in Amager Vest for rent. From €104 per night.

Some Info About Amager Vest…

Amager Vest is located on the north-western side of the island of Amager. It is one of the ten administrative districts that form the city of Copenhagen. It is one of the largest districts of the city, but at the same time has the smallest population. It is close to the meadowland of Kalvebod Fælled, which is a great place for the locals to escape and see the nature and breathe the fresh air near the seaside. One of the largest Scandinavian exhibition centers is situated here. The Bella Center attracts different venues here and is mainly famous for hosting the Copenhagen Design Week and the Copenhagen Fashion Week which is held twice a year. The most notable hospital in the area is the psychiatric hospital called Psykiatrisk Center Amager, the main psychiatric center of the city. While the main and the biggest street which passes through the area is the Ørestads Boulevard. And the main educational institution of the area is the notable Ørestad College.

Amager Vest Copenhagen

Amager Vest, Copenhagen

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