Apartments to Rent in Amager Øst

By opening this page you have stumbled on an opportunity to find some apartments for rent in Amager Øst, Copenhagen. On this very page you will find some greatly furnished and affordable short stays. The page possesses all information needed about the listed rentals. Using filters, we will help you find a place to stay depending on the price, amenities, location and more.

Amager Ost apartment

Apartment in Amager Ost for rent. From €71 per night.

Most of the listed serviced apartments are the property of local owners who have listed their accommodations on this page as available for rent. There are various types of rentals in Amager Øst equipped with all kinds of amenities. It is up to you to find the perfect combination that will provide you with a comfortable stay. For example, there are numerous apartments and private rooms to rent, spacious whole houses and luxurious villas in the area of Amager Øst, and even a few greatly furnished boats that might be used as accommodations. Prices range from 35 euros a night to a 150 euros a night, all depending on the type of a lease you choose. The apartments for single visitors can be found at a maximum price of 80 euros. The apartments can be furnished with a TV, an internet connection and air conditioning systems. One can even find an entire house to lease in the central part of Amager Øst at a low price of 80 euros per night and enjoy the fully serviced kitchen, two bedrooms and a heating system which is highly needed since it tends to get cold in Denmark. But if you decide to spend a little more money and really enjoy your vacation, there are several villas in the area that will make your stay unforgettable. The villas are a great choice for larger groups of people since they provide a lot of space for the visitors to enjoy. They also provide the visitors with fully functioning kitchens, where one can prepare food, and heating and air conditionings systems. Some villas also have a hot tub installed and a swimming pool free for use at any time. If you do not desire to cook during your vacation, certain landlords offer bed and breakfast services to go with their short lets.

Amager Ost private room

Room in Amager Ost, close to the airport. For rent. Available from 62 EUR per night.

What You Should Know About Amager Øst…

Amager Øst represents one of the ten official districts of Copenhagen. In the past, this area used to be a run-down neighborhood, but has gone through a considerable reconstruction and most of the area has become a more urban setting. The M2 metro line has been opened in this area and grants the passengers a direct transport from the Copenhagen Airport to the city of Copenhagen. This is a great help for all the travelers who are flying in and out of Denmark. The Holmbladsgade area is one of the most attractive parts of the area where one can find and visit the Holmbladsgade Sports and Culture Centre, a place where many sport events are held today and also all kinds of different venues. The Amager Strandpark is a seaside resort which has many well-ordered beaches that attract people of the area and many people from Copenhagen visit it daily. Besides this, there is also the Kløvermarken, a green space district which is a great place for taking walks and going on a picnic. The music venue and an arena Amager Bio is also close by.

Amager Ost, Copenhagen

Amager Ost, Copenhagen

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