Accommodation in Copenhagen During Eurovision 2014

On this website you can find short term rentals in Copenhagen during the 2014 Eurovision. The Eurovision song contests is a global event watched and followed by millions of people all over the world, and for those who want to participate in it in person we offer cheap and well-furnished rentals which will help them see every bit of this event. Click on the SEARCH button below to find your accommodation during Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen!

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Why To Choose Private Apartment in Copenhagen During Eurovision 2014?

This year’s Eurovision song contest promises to be one of the most followed yet. Since the number of people watching and coming to see it live is rising every year, it is expected that some records will be broken in Denmark this year. But for the people who want to see it live there is always a problem, in each city which organized this event the prices of the hotel rooms and certain accommodations have risen during the Eurovision song contest, making it very expensive for those who want to see the competition in person. During the Copenhagen 2014 Eurovision we are offering you some private housings which cost a lot less and promise high quality accommodations as well. It is more convenient because the late rooms are owned by private owners, who have made certain preparations just for the 2014 Eurovision contest in order to make it more convenient to you. Various options are available to you, such as whole houses for larger groups or apartment rentals for smaller groups. During the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen you can also find a flat for a single visitor which contains all modern amenities like an internet connection or fully furnished bathrooms. Another way of saving money during your trip is to find a place which has its own fully supplied kitchen. A serviced apartment which has a kitchen with all appliances can be used for preparing meals, carry on meals or dinner parties all the same. By not eating out or buying fast food you are already keeping your budget in balance.

Copenhagen apartment. Eurovision 2014 Accommodation

Just one of our apartments. It is available from 40 EUR per night during Eurovision.

Another advantage of choosing short term stays opposed to other forms of rentals is that all of the offered apartment accommodations are greatly located. The 2014 Eurovision is being held in the city of Copenhagen’s Refshaleøen area. More precisely, the event will take place at the the B&W Hallerne and will last from May 6, 2014, with the Grand Finale being held on May 10, 2014. For those reasons, we offer you a chance to rent temporary housings in this area. There are a dozen of them listed in the closest area where the event will take place, but in the inconvenient event of those more conveniently located apartments already being booked, try to find a flat which is close to some of the public transport spots of the city in order to reach the venue more easily.

Private Accommodations Cheaper Than Hotels!

Last year during the Eurovision contest hotels have charged enormous prices which went up to 400 euros a night. The most expensive vacation rentals on this page cost half as much. Other holiday homes are more cheaper and you can find a place to stay for 100 euros easily.

In order to get a better look at what is offered here in Copenhagen during the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, click the “SEARCH” button located above on the page. Be one of the many who have tried this cheaper way and rent one of the budget apartment rentals offered in Copenhagen. You can also browse through a special list of offers made just for this event only. Have fun and enjoy the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen.