A Studio Apartment in Bryggen Area


Enjoy your vacation to Copenhagen by renting this studio apartment in Bryggen Area, Brygge Island. It is a very nice apartment rentals situated in a modern building on the 2nd floor. The short term rental is meant for the use of two people and best serves couples. But for the purpose of housing a smaller group there is a possibility of adding an extra mattress for an additional person. The apartment is large enough to provide space for three people at once. Not only is it comfy and spacious but it is also well furnished, providing you with a great experience of staying in Copenhagen. You will find a separate kitchen supplied with the basic appliances allowing you to prepare your food and cook coffee or tea. There is a fridge, a stove and an oven as well. Included as well are a living room, where you may spend your afternoons or resting periods, and a bedroom, which has as we have already mentioned a double bed and a space for one more mattress. A walk in closet is just in the hallway of the entrance to the flat where you may store your stuff and necessities which you have brought with you. The bathroom is also quite nicely arranged and has actually been recently remodeled. There is a shower in the bathroom which you are free to use any time you like. Besides the mentioned amenities which are included, the greatest advantage of this short term stay is its cozy atmosphere and large amount of space which will no doubt make up for a wonderful vacation to Copenhagen.

Studio Apartment in Brygge Island to rent

Studio Apartment in Islands Brygge for rent

To mention something about the area where the studio is located. The Islands Brygge neighborhood is considered as one of the more popular neighborhoods of Copenhagen and certainly one most suitable for living. The flat enables you to have a nice view of the surrounding area. This gives you an insight of the neighborhood you will be living in for the period of your stay. Near your flat you will be able to enjoy some of the local cafes and restaurants. Some of them serve Danish specialties and pastries which you absolutely need to try. There are many shops as well where you may get your supplies and necessities for your trip. Equally impressive are the sites and landmarks of the area like the canal of the Brygge Island and the forest which is just a few minutes away from the accommodation called Amager Fælled. Very close are also the Tivoli Gardens, Christiania, the Town Hall Square and Christiansborg, which are all highly considered as being the most impressive sites of the city of Copenhagen. The area is generally quiet giving you a chance to rest and enjoy a comfortable holiday. But it can also serve greatly if you are looking to spend a quality time and enjoying the nightlife of the city.

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Amenities in This Studio Apartment

Entertainment etc.

  • TV
  • DVD
  • Internet
  • Elevator


  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Coffee maker or kettle
  • Fridge


  • Bed linen
  • Towels
  • Iron
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