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Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and economical, political, cultural, scientific and educational centre of Øresund Region. It is positioned on the islands of Amager and Zealand. During the recent decade with the Swedish city of Malmö the city has grown into one metropolitan area. According to historical documents, Copenhagen became the capital city of Denmark in the beginning of the 15th century. Over the years the city has been considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world with the harbor water clear and safe for swimming. More than 30% of Copenhagen’s citizens commute to work by bicycle. Also, it has the reputation as one of the cities with the highest quality of life. It is chosen holiday destination of thousands of tourists every year because of its rich history, culture, natural beauties and architecture. While in Copenhagen, you shouldn’t miss visiting his landmarks which include the inner city or Medieval City, the Round Tower (Rundetårn) from which you will have the opportunity to enjoy in the stunning view of the city or the Amalienborg palace, Copenhagen’s royal residence dominated by the dome of Frederik’s Church. Another most visited tourist attractions include Copenhagen Zoo, one of the best and the oldest zoos in Europe, numerous museums like the Museum of Copenhagen in Vesterbro, Nationalmuseet, etc. and other numerous old churches and palaces.

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Where to Stay in Copenhagen?

For those who are coming to visit Copenhagen for a few days or weeks the best accommodation solution are holiday apartments located in all the city’s boroughs. These short stay rentals are much better solution than hotels in the city, especially for families or larger groups of people traveling together because they offer more space and privacy than hotel rooms at affordable prices. Holiday rentals are customized to suit different needs and budgets, so you can book anything from bed and breakfast lodgings to luxury apartments for rent. If you are looking for the best short term rentals in Copenhagen, take look of our catalog, compare rentals and book the ideal one for you easily online.

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Neighborhoods of Copenhagen

  • Amager: Is a Danish island where the country’s capital of Copenhagen is partly situated. It is mostly covered in green patches so it allows the people of Copenhagen to escape into nature which is closely situated. There are some beaches on the side of the island which faces the sea and some shops and recreational parks on in the Strandpark area. One can also find the Amager Bio situated here which has been the host for a lot of musical bands and venues here.
  • Amager Vest: It is the largest district out of ten administrative districts in Copenhagen but has the smallest population. It is located in the northwestern part of the island of Amager and the popular areas include Ørestad, Eberts Villaby, Islands Brygge and the meadowland of Kalvebod Fælled. More info about Amager Vest…
  • Amager Øst: Is a district of Copenhagen predominantly covered with residential neighbourhoods. Visitors can find a lot of condos to rent around here actually and the district is also known for being redesigned into a more urban setting, especially the part of Holmbladsgade. The most important site of the area is of course the Holmbladsgade Sports and Culture Centre. More about Amager Ost…
  • Amagerbro: This district of Copenhagen is situated in the northern part of Amager island. It is popular for being mostly a working class district but also a place which is filled with great temporary housings owned by the locals. Read more about Amagerbro…
  • Brønshøj: It is a district which lies 4km west of the center of Copenhagen. The thing this part of the city is characteristic are the parks, lakes and ponds of Brønshøj. This is what actually makes this part of the city perhaps one of the most beautiful one.
  • Christiania: It is situated in the borough of Christianshavn and is regarded as a commune. This area has some buildings which are protected by the National Heritage Agency like the Den grå hal, Den grønne hal and Mælkebøtten. It is famous for its yoga and meditations among its residents and attracts a lot of people who like relaxing using these methods. Read more about Christiania.
  • Christianshavn: Christianshavn is actually an artificial island founded by Christian IV. It is described as a very fashionable and a lively part of the city. It houses the Copenhagen Opera House, the Church of Our Saviour, the Danish Architecture Centre, Nyholm and many other notable attractions.
  • Dragør: Situated on the coast of Amager it is a part of Copenhagen which still maintains its traditional style of buildings. Some of the buildings are a hundred years old and the streets are made of cobblestone. If you want to see how the Danes used to live in the old times, then definitely visit the Amager Museum and the Dragør Museum. More details about Dragør…

Dragør, Copenhagen

  • Frederiksberg: The part of Copenhagen rich with interesting and cheap places to stay. It is situated the country’s Region Hovedstaden. With its size of 9 km2 represents one of the larger parts of the city and is the home of the Copenhagen Zoo and Frederiksberg Palace. It is also a great place to go shopping and the streets which are most famous because of that are Falkoner Alle, Gammel Kongevej and Godthåbsvej. Read more about Frederiksberg…
  • Holmen: It is actually a water-bound neighbourhood of Copenhagen. It was created by various land reclamations in order to house the Holmen naval base. It is the home of Copenhagen Opera House and a few museum ships which lie as attractions for the tourists.
  • Indre By: Also famously called the Copenhagen Center. It is actually the heart of the modern Copenhagen. It actually reflects the history of Copenhagen itself. This area is a great place to find private rentals because it is in the very heart of Copenhagen’s main attractions like the Nyhavn, Rundetårn, Strøget, Kongens Have and many more. More Info about Indre By…
  • Islands Brygge: It is a harbourfront area mainly noted for its waterfront park Havneparken. It is a fashionable district with attractions such as the Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, the Wennberg Silo and the Gemini Residence.
  • Kastrup: It is a suburb of Copenhagen and the place where the Copenhagen Airport, famously called Kastrup Lufthavn, is located. Click here to read about Kastrup…
  • København NV: Also locally known as Nordvestkvarteret and is situated in the south western part of the Bispebjerg district. The areas of Utterslev Mose and Emaljehaven are mostly green areas and give a unique mark to this district.
  • Kødbyen: The translation of the name of the district in English is simply Meat District. It is formed by three separated areas, the Brown, Gray and White Kødby. But it is also a famous place where lots of venues take place, like: Galleri Bo Bjarregård, Øksnehallen, Karriere Bar and many more. Read more about Kodbyen…
  • Nyboder: Built by Christian IV, this area is a historic row house district which have been Naval barracks. Because of the yellow colour of the houses the locals have a particular hue of yellow called the “Nyboder yellow.” It is also famous for its memorial to Vice Admiral Edouard Suenson, the commander of the Battle of Heligoland.
  • Nørrebro: This city is situated in the northwest of the city center. It is considered as the main multiethnic part of Copenhagen, where people from all parts of the world live. The main historic site is the Assistens Cemetery, where famous people like H.C. Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and even Niels Bohr have been buried. Besides numerous hotels, it has the highest concentration of holiday house accommodations in the city and tourists will have no trouble finding a one bedroom or two bedroom lease around here. Nørrebro – click for more info.
  • Sluseholmen: This part was once part of heavy industry situated in the Southern Docklands of Port of Copenhagen. But today Sluseholmen is mainly known for its maritime atmosphere and numerous canals, which represent the main attraction of the area.
  • Teglholmen: Teglholmen is a peninsula situated in the South Harbour of the city. It is mainly a residential area, with many housings available for rent as well and was designed to be a continuation of
  • the canal district at Sluseholmen.
  • Valby: This district is formed around the Valby Village which grew over the course of time. It is situated in the southwest part of Copenhagen. It is characterized by a mixture of different types of buildings, built in different periods of times. It actually represents a blend between the old and the modern. It is also the home of the Carlsberg brewery.
  • Vanløse: Also known as the smallest district of Copenhagen with only 6.69 km². It is one of the ten official districts of Copenhagen and lies in the western part of the city. Read more about Vanløse…
  • Vesterbro: Vesterbro district is situated in the inner city area of Copenhagen. It is just besides the old Western Gate which makes it a very convenient spot for living. This is why here vacation rentals are numerous in this part of the city. The attractions and main sites include the Museum of Copenhagen, the Tivoli Gardens, Istedgade and others.
  • Østerbro: This official district of Copenhagen is situated just north of the city center, outside the old Østerport gate. Østerbro has the reputation of being the wealthiest districts of Copenhagen and the one with the highest standard of living. Interesting sites to visit include the Garrison’s Cemetery, Gasværket, Den Frie Udstilling, the Danish Meteorological Institute and Kastellet.

Accommodation Price Ranges

Prices vary depending on the type of an accommodation, their positioning and neighborhood. It is very easy to find a budget short term rental which will satisfy your needs. Private rooms and single rooms can be found at the price of 15 euros and higher. Depending on the amenities the accommodations offer the price will be higher but the comfort will be as well. Entire homes or houses range from 50 euros, the ones which are situated in the outskirts of the city, to 120 euros, which are the most luxurious homes to rent and the ones situated in the very center of Copenhagen. The most luxurious short term accommodations available in Copenhagen are the beautiful and luxuriously arranged villas which come at 150 euros a day to 200 euros. It is just a small price to pay if you want to enjoy the comfort that a perfectly prepared lease provides and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the capital of Denmark.

copenhagen penthouse modern

Ultra modern monochrome Copenhagen Penthouse

Holidays and Events of Note

  • Copenhagen International Boat Show: One of the biggest boat shows in the world held each year in February and lasts for ten days. Mainly aimed dor boat buyers but has a lot of events that are interesting for everyone.
  • The Night Film Festival: The Danish premier film festival that attracts people from all over the country. Held each March annually.
  • Copenhagen Beer Days: Held in May and lasts for one weekend. It is organized in the Valby Hallen Centre where people from all over the world come for tastings and discussions of over 800 different brands of beers.
  • Roskilde Music Festival: Maybe the biggest music festival in northern Europe. It lasts for four days and performers are aligned over six different stages.
  • Whitsun Carnival: Copenhagen’s local carnival which is held on the city streets. A two day festival with Latin, reggae and all other kinds of music with floats and performers parading down the streets.
  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival: Held in July when dozens of Copenhagen’s jazz clubs come alive and many local and international performers play their music. It lasts ten days and attracts people from all over Denmark and the world.
  • Cultural Harbour Festival: The event held in the Copenhagen Harbour held each year in August for four days. It is not just a festival held on water, it also has some musical, sporting and cultural events held as well.
  • Night of Culture: Copenhagen’s main cultural event. Each October every museum, art gallery, theatre and so on opens its doors for visitors and art enthusiasts to come and visit.
  • Copenhagen Irish Festival: A festival held in November with the span of four days. It features a lot of Gaelic events like dancers, musicians, poets and of course Whiskey and beer tastings.
  • Tivoli Christmas Market: The highlight of the year where shops are opened for a month in advance for shoppers who are getting ready for celebrating the end of one year and the start of a new one.
Tivoli Christmas Market

Tivoli Christmas Market

Institutions in Copenhagen

A highly culturally rich town like Copenhagen has a lot of city institutions spread over the city. Some of the renowned educational institutions include the University of Copenhagen, established in 1479, Copenhagen Business School, formed in 1917, Copenhagen Hospitality College, which dates back to 1922, Technical University of Denmark, established in 1829, IT University of Copenhagen and the Royal School of Library and Information Science. Some of the major hospitals in the city are the Amager Hospital, the Bispebjerg Hospital, the Frederiksberg Hospital and the Nordsjællands Hospital.

University of Copenhagen Dorms

University of Copenhagen – Dorms

Landmarks and Sightseeing

  • The Tivoli Gardens: A famous amusement park
  • The Copenhagen Zoo: A zoological garden of Copenhagen and one of the oldest zoos in Europe.
  • Frederik VIII Mansion: also known as Brockdorff Palace, is the former residence of the royal family, with Frederik VIII being the most famous one.
  • The Danish National Gallery: A museum with an enormous art collection which dates back from the 14t century.
  • National Museum of Denmark: The largest and the museum with the most exhibits in Denmark.
  • Rundetårn: A tower which dates back from the 17th century.
  • Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: An art museum which handles the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg Breweries.
  • Frilandsmuseet: An open air museum. Covers 40 hectares and is one of the largest open air museums of the world.
  • The Rosenborg Castle: A castle which dates back from the renaissance period.
  • The Tycho Brahe Planetarium: A planetarium built in 1989 which possesses an IMAX theatre and a special show which shows you the digital universe.
  • The Carlsberg Brewery: The local Copenhagen brewery which makes probably the best beer in the world.
  • ARKEN Museum of Modern Art: a charity museum which exhibits contemporary art.
  • The Danish Film Institute: The national Danish film agency.
Copenhagen Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

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